Yellow Class

Teacher - Charlotte Banks

Teaching Assistants - Sarah Pickering & Jackie Turner 

This is my first year teaching at Trenance Learning Academy and I am very excited. I have previously taught for 16 years at a school in Truro. I have experience of teaching in Key Stage One and Early Years but my preferred year group has to be Foundation. Being an Early Years teacher is such a privilege and I look forward to teaching and being with the children everyday. I am a Mum with two children aged 7 and 5. Reuben has just started Year 3 and Amelia has moved up into Year 1. I enjoy spending time with my family, cycling, walking and also Geocaching! When I have time to myself I enjoy reading, sewing and music. I play the piano, sing and am also in a band.

 Why you got into teaching and why you love it at Trenance Learning Academy.

Trenance Learning Academy is very welcoming and friendly place to be. There is a wonderful atmosphere and everybody helps everyone to learn. I always knew I wanted to teach and can not think of a more rewarding job. Teaching is never 'dull