#30things Challenge - January 2019 - Big Garden Birdwatch

Take part in the Big Garden Birdwatch between 26th to 28th January 2019.
  1. Choose an hour during 26 to 28 January and watch the birds in your garden or local park
  2. Only count the birds that land in your garden/park
  3. The same birds may land more than once.  Count the highest number of each bird species that you see at any one time, not the total seen over the hour
  4. Tell us and the RSPB what you saw - even if it was nothing!  Submit your results at:
  5. rspb.org.uk/birdwatch
You can find lots more information and request an information pack from the RSPB website noted above.
PLEASE USE the very handy counting sheet during the Big Garden Birdwatch - available as a download below, or request a copy from the Academy Office.