Board of Directors/Trustees

Members of The Trust
Matthew Hurry (Appointed September 2010)
Sue Tym (Appointed September 2010)
Richard May (Appointed July 2016)
Kay Crosse (Appointed July 2018)
Simon Cade (Diocese) (Appointed September 2018)
Jo Osborne (Diocese) (Appointed July 2016) - Resigned July 2018
Julia Green (Appointed March 2018) - Resigned May 2018
David Hobbs (Appointed February 2014) - Resigned February 2018
Board of Trustees/Directors
Robin Cowen (Chief Executive Officer (appointed 04.09.17) &
Director of Primary) (Appointed July 2016)
Kaye Cross (Chair of Board of Trustees, Appointed July 2018 also Chair of The Bishops CEVA Primary School) (Appointed July 2016)
Dave Hobbs (Chair) (Appointed February 2014) - Resigned February 2018
Matthew Hurry (Chair) (Appointed September 2010) - Resigned July 2018
Sue Tym (Appointed September 2010)
Clare Ridehalgh (Chief Operations Officer) (Appointed September 2010)
Mike Andrews (Chair of Finance & Audit Committee) (Appointed Oct 2012)
Paul Wyatt (Chair of Falmouth Primary & Foxhole Learning Academy LAB Hub) (Appointed July 2016)
Nicola Soden (Chair of Trevisker Primary School) (Appointed July 2016)
Pat McGovern (Appointed July 2016)
Steve Dunn  - Resigned July 2016
Richard May - Resigned July 2016