Ofsted Parent Questionnaire

JULY 2016
Thank you to all our Parents/Carers who completed and returned the Ofsted Parent Questionnaire -  

Out of a possible 387 we received 92 back (last year we had 100 responses).  Thank you to all those who completed the questionnaire.  We assume that the remaining 76% are also happy!  The results of the returns are below.

My child is happy at Trenance

Strongly Agree: 84%   Agree: 15%   In between:  1%

My child feels safe at Trenance

Strongly Agree: 88%  Agree: 9%   In between: 2%

My chid is making good progress at Trenance

Strongly Agree: 80%   Agree: 20%

Trenance ensures my child is well looked after

Strongly Agree: 85%   Agree: 15%

My child is taught well at Trenance

Strongly Agree: 85%   Agree: 15%

Trenance makes sure its pupils are well behaved

Strongly Agree: 84%   Agree: 13%  In between: 2%   Disagree:  1%

Trenance deals with any case of bullying effectively

Strongly Agree:  63%   Agree: 36%  In between:  1%

Trenance helps me to support my child’s learning

Strongly Agree:  74%  Agree: 21%  In between:  1%   Disagree:  3%  Strongly Disagree:  1%

Trenance responds well to any concerns raised

Strongly Agree:  78%   Agree:  19%   In between:  2%   Disagree:  1%

Trenance keeps me well informed about my child’s progress

Strongly Agree:  77%   Agree:  17%   In between:  3%   Disagree:  3%

I would recommend Trenance to another parent

Yes:   99%   No:  1%

Thank you also to those parents who took the time to write such wonderful comments about your child’s time at our school.  Your support is really appreciated.

‘’Wow! What brilliant 3 years my daughter has had at Trenance.  She has come on leaps and bounds.  Trenance has totally brought the best out of her, Thank you.”

“Fabulous school; I don’t want my son to leave!”      Fantastic School, cannot fault it!”      “This school has been so amazing!”

“Great school  -  thanks to all staff who support the children so well academically and pastorally, Thank you”


Thank you to those parents who have raised points of concern in their feedback.  We take all feedback very seriously and will be using these points to consider and plan our school improvement for next year.  Points included:

  • communicating with parents about their child’s learning and how parents can help at home
  • behaviour at playtime