School Council

SCHOOL COUNCIL - 2017/2018

We are delighted to introduce the School Council for the academic year 2017/2018. 

Meetings are held monthly and are led by Miss Moseley (Y1 and Y2) and Miss Dodson, Foundation Year.  Minutes of the meetings will be published on this page. 

Year 1

Noah and Elsbeth (Aqua Class).  Belle and Piran (Crimson Class).  Isaac and Kara (Lime Class).  

Rosie and Jack (Amber).

Year 2

Harry and Chloe (Sapphire Class).  Katy and Alfie (Gold Class).  Lois and Lucia (Ruby Class).

Phoebe and Jesse (Emerald Class). 

Foundation Year

Dexter and Florence (Red Class).  Oscar and Emily (Yellow Class).  Same and Ivy (Blue Class).  Noah and Lily (Green Class).  Ruan and Bella (Purple Class)


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