Year Foundation - Weekly Activities

Here are some resources for you, prepared by your Foundation teachers, we hope you enjoy them.
Week 6 - Activities

Mrs Lewis with a riddle for you

Mrs Flynn - Den Building

Mrs Riches - Dragaphant

Miss Dodson - Glueless Collage

Mr Cotton - Scavenger Hunt
Week 5 - Activities

Mr Cotton - Making charcters

Mrs Riches - The life cycle of a butterfly

Mrs Lewis - Looking at symmetry

Miss Dodson - What makes a good friend?

Mrs Flynn - Healthy food choices
Week 4 - Activities

Mr Cotton making some Union Jack flags for V.E. day.

Mrs Riches - Investigating Numbers

Mrs Dodson - What makes us the same?

Mrs Flynn - What is your favourite animal?
Week 3 Activities

Miss Dodson - Your favourite place

Mrs Flynn - How have you grown?

Mrs Riches showing us some shapes
Week 2 - Activities and Resources

Mrs Dodson talking about how we are all special.

Mrs Riches showing us some games to play

Mrs Flynn showing us how to make an information book.

Mr Cotton teaching about throwing towards targets.

Mrs Lewis telling us a tory about a supersized sweet potato.
Week 1 Activities

Mrs Lewis reading a story all about growing. (Wk1)

Mrs Riches showing us how to make a puppet. (Wk1)

Mr Cotton is showing us how we can catch with one hand and two hands. (Wk1)